The Lovekin Family: A Macclesfield Connection

Margaret Lovekin 1949
Written on the reverse: Margaret, Joyce, Basil and Mrs Stroud, 1949

The photographs and documents described in my previous post were discovered in a house in Macclesfield. However the Lovekin family originated in Shropshire, so how did these items come to be there? The answer lies with the family of John Lovekin b.1859:

Lovekin Tree 2

John Lovekin and his wife Alice Dean had three children: Annie, William and Margaret. All three were born in Sheriffhales, Shropshire. However Margaret and her husband, William James Cromb, can be found on the 1939 census living at Round Knoll Farm, Macclesfield, Cheshire. Furthermore, the 1985 death and probate records for Margaret confirm her birth-date as given on the census, and the Macclesfield address that she subsequently moved to. This later address is precisely where the bag was found!

So I believe this collection was the property of Margaret Jane Lovekin. I can positively identify Margaret in only one of the photographs, which I have placed at the top of this post. Margaret stands on the left, next to her daughter Joyce Cromb, with her son-in-law Basil Stroud on the far right. I assume ‘Mrs Stroud’ is Basil’s mother. What a happy image it is!

Another happy photograph was taken the previous year, at the marriage of Joyce Cromb and Basil Stroud, with Margaret and her husband William standing on the right:

Mr & Mrs Stroud 1948
Written on the reverse of a similar photograph: Mr & Mrs Stroud, 1948

Please note that I have deliberately omitted various details from this post because the events are relatively recent. But my next post will include a few interesting, older images, plus some that are connected to Margaret’s mother, the Dean family.

7 thoughts on “The Lovekin Family: A Macclesfield Connection

    • You’re right, he does have a certain presence and you prompted me to take a look… according to the trees already on Ancestry, Basil’s father was a bank manager! It’s possible he also served in the military of course. I know that Joyce and Basil had children and I’m hoping to reunite this collection with Margaret’s descendants (fingers crossed).

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  1. I’m delighted to say that these photos and this suitcase have found me….I am Jenny Stroud, eldest daughter of Joyce and Basil Stroud, and I’m about to contact the discoverer of the treasures. My Grandfather Edgar Stroud sadly died in 1944, sadly 4 years before my parents wedding, but he was a Bank Manager, and he missed both Wars. As a family historian myself I can’t believe I have discovered this link

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    • Hi Jenny, I’m equally delighted that you found my blog! Thank you for answering the questions in the previous replies, and I’ll look forward to returning these precious items to you and your family.

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