Dear Gert…

aristophoto co postcard - AL 1105

I snapped this postcard up as soon as I saw it, loving the bohemian styling and (in particular) the hat. Close inspection shows that it is one the A.L. series of postcards from Aristophoto Co. (scroll down for details) who were in business from 1902 to 1910.

aristophoto co postcard - back

Posted in Hackney, London, to Miss Daniels, “Southwell”, Quernmore Rd, Bromley, Kent, the upside-down message reads:

“Dear Gert – received letter & PC safely with many thanks – So you are leaving after all, what are you going to do when you leave – Suppose you won’t be coming up to London – Write again soon & tell me how you are getting on – hope you are feeling better now, Cheer up – Good bye with love – yours CP (or CQ/CD?)”

aristophoto co postcard 1909 - message

I haven’t identified Miss Daniels, but think she may have been a servant at the above address. Her friend sounds concerned, so I hope Gertrude sent news of her whereabouts without too much of a delay.

Neither have I been able to identify the woman in the photograph. The postcard  has the serial number 1105/2, but no name. Who is she? Answers on a postcard, please!


5 thoughts on “Dear Gert…

    • You are probably right – this pretty lady could have been a model. I tried to find out more about this series of postcards but hit a few brick walls. Perhaps a collector will find this blog post (fingers crossed!).

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  1. A gorgeous and very engaging card. The model’s sideways stare is very hard to fathom – very theatrical- as are the hands which are so underexposed in the print and subsequently faded as to be unreadable. Is her right arm behind her back? Is she meant to be holding a letter with a faraway look on her face as she thinks of the sender? The background is fascinating…is it a real streetscape behind the parapet or balcony on which the subject poses or is it a studio set, with the branch from a tree (with rather wilted leaves) placed to partially conceal the cardboard-cutout buildings behind? Such an intriguing photograph!

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    • I’m happy you find the card as thought provoking as I do. And like you, I’m drawn to the unusual background, which I first thought was real, but having studied the card close up, I’m leaning towards a back-drop. Hmm. It could be a wall hanging. So hard to tell though, because of the exposure level. Cleverly done, and artistic photography whatever the truth is! Thanks very much for your comment!


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