‘Love From M’

miss gilbert a small

I wish we sent more postcards these days. They are such a tangible connection to the past. This one was sent to Miss Gilbert, on the occasion of her birthday, and is simply signed ‘Love from M’.

‘M’ is posing in the garden, perhaps using the chair to keep her still, and it looks to be winter judging by the bare trees and the hat and gloves.

miss gilbert a crop

The postcard is addressed to Miss Gilbert, Bradney, In Bridgwater, Somerset, and is dated April 14th 1907. A search of the records on Ancestry leads me to Jessie Ellen Gilbert born 15th April 1885, so this card would have been sent for her 22nd birthday. In 1901, Jessie was living in Bradney with her parents William and Ellen.

But who is ‘M’? She lived in the same area (the card is postmarked Bridgwater) but there are no other clues. Perhaps someone will come across this blog post and recognise her from old family photos. Fingers crossed!


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