Henrietta Anne Theodosia Monson


At first glance, I mistook this lady for Queen Victoria. She is, however, the grandly named Henrietta Anne Theodosia Monson, born 1826 and baptised in Bedale, Yorkshire the same year. At the time of this portrait she would have been around 65 years old.

Henrietta was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Monson, and Aunt to the Monson siblings in my previous blog post.

On 2nd March 1848, she married Henry William de la Poer Beresford and adopted her husband’s family name of Peirse, to become Henrietta A T Beresford Peirse. While her early life and older age were spent at the The Grange in Bedale, she lived many of her adult years in the Peirse family home of Bedale Hall:

bedale_hall_-_geograph-org-uk_-_636593BEDALE HALL By Gordon Hatton, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer (29 October 1921) records her passing, and describes ‘Mrs Beresford-Peirse’ as ‘affable and greatly benevolent’, commenting that ‘although her health had declined…. she preserved her faculties in a wonderful degree’. Her portrait presents her as a strong woman, so I’m not in the least surprised to learn that she lived to the late age of ninety-five.


3 thoughts on “Henrietta Anne Theodosia Monson

  1. Being mostly dazed and confused, I didn’t really think about the likelihood of the young Monson woman moving from the UK to California when I tried to decipher the writing in your previous post. Do you think it likely?

    I’m really amazed this QV lookalike lived to 95! She must’ve outlived all her friends and any family of her generation. When you think that this was decades before antibiotics etc were available, she must’ve had an extraordinary constitution!

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  2. It’s entirely possible that the young woman travelled to the US, in fact it was quite fashionable in those days. My own great grandmother ran away, in fact, and my last trace of her is in 1904 onboard a ship from France to New York… I’m still trying to find out where she went after that! I’ll update the post if I find anything for the Monson lady. Thanks for the helpful pointers.

    As for Henrietta, she has a slight smile don’t you think? So hopefully not as stern as she first appears, although definitely a strong constitution as you say!

    Ok… so I just found a death notice for Alice in a newspaper, and it appears she died in India! I’ve added it to the blog post. I’m still not sure where ‘Mentone’ comes into it, and perhaps will never know 🙂


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