Outdoor CDVs


I particularly like cartes de visite that have photographs taken outside, such as the one above. I am struck by the natural lighting, and how the baby appears to be wriggling causing mum to hold on tightly.


This second image shows two men posing on a stile. It’s as though they are taking a break during a walk. The photograph is badly faded and I had to do some processing to bring any detail out (including a thumbprint in the middle!).


This third and final image looks as though it might also be outdoors. In a back-yard perhaps? To me, the lighting is different to the previous two. So perhaps it is a photographer’s studio, set up to look like the outside.

A pity, then, that all three cartes de visite are unmarked and the photographers unknown. That might at least have provided a clue.


One thought on “Outdoor CDVs

  1. An outdoor setting creates an aura of authenticity, as well as providing historical details. My most popular blog post to date, in terms of page views, features a brickmaker with his son in front of a stack of bricks in Southborough, Kent (https://tokensofcompanionship.blog/2018/02/11/brickmaker-and-son-in-southborough-kent/).

    All three of your photos above are interesting, but the one with the mother and baby has a timeless quality. I could see it in a museum display.

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