Uncle William and Jim McRae

Uncle Wm tintype

The above photograph is a tintype, about the size of a carte-de-visite. Scanning it has brought out a lot of detail that cannot be seen on the original, and I particularly like the Bowler hats and casual pose. The man on the left is labelled (in the album) as ‘Uncle Wm’, but try as I might I haven’t been able to find a likely connection to any of the other clues contained in the Welsh Album.

I keep thinking that the tintype might have been taken at the moment when Uncle William arrived on the shores of a new Country.

A carte-de-visite on the same album page depicts a man who looks to be related. It is labelled ‘Jim McRae’ and was taken in Sydney, Australia:

Jim McRae CDV

According to information on the internet, the Adelaide Photo. Co. existed from 1892 to 1912, and there are various entries on the Australian passenger lists for a seaman/men named J McRae. I have yet to establish a firm link though.


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