Which Lizzie?


Deciphering hand-writing can be a particular problem for family historians. Throw a different language into the mix, and it can be especially tricky.

Take this entry in the Welsh Album, for example. My best guess is ‘Lizzie Llwyngwgan’. Notice how the ‘a’ is open at the top and the ‘n’ falls away at the end of the word? Judging by other entries in the album, this seems to have been a particular quirk of the person’s writing style. Another quirk involved running a Christian name into a place name, so after much head-scratching I realised that Llwyngwgan is the place where ‘Lizzie’ lived. Or the name of a farm. Or a cottage. All of which appear in the censuses.

There is one entry that stands out. In 1901, the family of David Jones (age 29) is living at Llwyngwgan, Llanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire in North Wales. Living with him is daughter Phebe Lizzie (age 4), and servant Lizzie Jones (age 14). And then there’s another daughter called Elizabeth (age 7).

Could one of these be our Lizzie? My head hurts already!


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