No more she’s heard to grieve or weep…

Jane Thomas Cabinet Card

It’s hard to know where to begin with the Welsh Album, so I’ll start with the photograph that originally caught my eye, a cabinet card by Mitchell of 505 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo.

It bears a portrait identical to a carte-de-visite also found in the album, below. I suspect that the cabinet card is a reprint of the smaller photograph. There is a poem by Jane Thomas on the reverse which reads as follows:

No more she’s heard to grieve or weep
Beyond the reach of care
No passions awake her from her sleep
For thoughts never enter there
In vain! Alas! These thoughts forgo
Thy sister dwells on high
A stranger grown to pain & woe
She now forgets to sigh
Rise maiden rise thyself prepare
Thy lamp of wisdom tend
To meet the Lord with watchful care
Thy w(e)ary footsteps bend

Jane Thomas was an English poet who published in the mid 19th century. The nature of this poem makes me think that the sitter may have died and the cabinet card was then sent home, perhaps to Liverpool. I can’t find any information about the photographer Mitchell in Kansas City, USA, but Daniel Jones was a photographer in Liverpool, UK, during the 1860s, 70s and early part of the 80s. Which provides a (very) rough date.

Jane Thomas Carte-De-Visite

More Liverpool connections to come. And Wales, of course!

Many thanks to friends at Antiquers and RootsChat forums for help with this research.


2 thoughts on “No more she’s heard to grieve or weep…

  1. Not sure if it helps but I have a photograph of my great grandfather and on the side it says Mitchell S.W. Cor. 10th & Main St. Kansas City, MO. I’m guessing it’s from about 1895-1910 so maybe the Michell photo studio moved a couple blocks at some point. I was searching for more info about them as well and came across your post. 🙂

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