The Haggard Family – Part II

Among the photographs from the Barnstaple Album are others relating to the Haggards of Bradenham Hall, Norfolk. Two are sons of William Meybohm Rider Haggard (see previous post), and two have a connection but it’s unclear exactly who they are… yet!

Andrew Charles Parker Haggard

Andrew C P Haggard

Born 1854, Andrew C P Haggard was the sixth child of William Haggard and his wife Ella Doveton. He appears to have been close to his next youngest sibling, judging by the various references made in Henry Rider Haggard’s autobiography “The Days of My Life“. One story in particular stands out, when Rider Haggard confesses that he almost shot {his} brother Andrew through a fence. Perhaps they weren’t so close after all!

Andrew spent the early part of his adulthood in the British Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and the latter part of his life writing books and living / travelling in Canada and North America. He died in 1923, age 69, at St Leonard’s-On-Sea, Sussex. According to the probate record he left more than £1500 to his widow Jennie Ethel Haggard.

John George Haggard

John George Haggard

Four years older than his brother Andrew, above, John George Haggard was often referred to as Jack. In his autobiography, Henry Rider Haggard tells us that Jack the sailor {sic} did not have the advantage of a public school education. This does not seem to have held him back, however, serving initially in the Royal Navy and later in the Consular Service, stationed in various parts of the world including Madagascar, France, and Malaga (Spain) where he died in 1908 at the age of 58.

Interestingly, Jack appears to have been something of an inventor, being given credit for improving a whistle used in the Royal Navy, formerly known as the ‘Boatswain’s call’ and later as the ‘Haggard call’ after John George Haggard:

Portsmouth Evening News - 15 Sep 1897
Portsmouth Evening News – 15th September 1897

I’ll leave the ‘unknown Haggards’ for my next post. I need more time to look for clues as to their identities!

Newspaper clippings are from The British Newspaper Archive  © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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